Bedroom Style 101: Why White Bed Sheets Rule!

by Sophia O'Connor
April 4, 2023

Today’s bed sheets are bursting with personality. With such a huge range of colours, patterns, and styles to choose from, you might be surprised to know that white bedding is still king. Of course, we don’t usually choose the best bed sheets based on colour alone. Size, material, and feel also matter. But when it comes down to creating the total sleep experience, simple white cotton bed sheets take the lead.

What makes white mattress bedding so powerful?

Before we get elbow-deep in details about bed sheets of cotton or bed sheets in queen or king sizes, we need to explore what makes the white bed sheet so powerful.

Hundreds of years ago, we didn’t have multi-room houses or even individual beds. A thin mattress in front of the fireplace was where entire families made their place at night. Times have surely changed, and we now see our individual bedrooms as places that are special and unique to us. It’s not just a place of function and purpose but also a place where we can infuse our personalities.

Enter the white bed sheet. Despite so many colours, patterns, and textures to choose from, the classic white bed sheet gives us so much bedroom design flexibility. It serves as a balance for the other colours in the room, from the paint on the walls to the decor.

What’s more, white is the colour we associate with cleanliness. A white bed feels inviting because we expect to feel renewed after a great night’s sleep. No matter what the day has brought, we can get a fresh start in our bed.

Why hotels love luxury white bed sheets

Don’t just take our word for it. Look around, and you’ll see that hotels always use luxury white bed sheets, too. It’s one of the easiest ways to show guests that the bed is clean and fresh. And since fresh white sheets look and feel clean, they also give the subtle but powerful impression of luxury.

Granted, you don’t live in a luxury hotel. But you can recreate this same experience in your own bedroom. Your bed is usually the biggest thing in your bedroom, so naturally, it’s the perfect foundation to build from when developing your bedroom style. Just adding white bed sheets in cotton can completely transform the look and feel of your room. White is clean, crisp, and pleasing to the eye, regardless of any other style elements, and will help you slip into a peaceful, restful sleep.

Why we love white bed sheets

At bedsmade, we’re experts at creating a bed you won’t want to leave. For every bedroom, every style, and every age, we know that white sheets are the way to go! They match everything in your bedroom, serving as a blank canvas that you can jazz up with colourful throw pillows, blankets, and doonas.

It also has a calming effect on the mind, helping you feel at peace before you close your eyes for the night. White isn’t busy or loud, and it can soothe you right to sleep. And because it’s so easy to pair with other layers, textures, and colours, you can use the same bed sheets year-round as you switch out other elements to go with the seasons.

How to clean your white bed sheets

You might be surprised to learn that white sheets are actually very easy to clean! Unlike most coloured sheets and bedding, you can wash white sheets at high temperatures for a deeper clean.

Just wash your sheets separate from the rest of your bedding, adding half a cup (125 mL) of baking soda to the main wash, then pour distilled white vinegar into the fabric softener compartment. This allows a late release of the vinegar while letting the baking soda do its best work before the two combine to create a fizzy reaction.

How to choose the best bed sheets for your mattress

So what makes bed sheets the best bed sheets? It starts with high-quality fabrics. Bedsmade only uses natural organic cotton to create our sateen weave for lusciously soft sheets. Our fabric offers the luxe look and feel and is more hardwearing than less expensive textiles (saving you money in the long run!).

Next up is size. Rather than stick to standard sizes like bed sheets for queen, full, twin, or king, our boutique collection also includes the element of depth. We tailor each set of bed sheets to accommodate varying mattress depths so that the sheets stay in place all night.

White sheets and bedsmade are a match made in dreamland. Shop our collection today!