Beyond the Basic Bed Design

by Amelia Brooks
February 27, 2023

Here’s a closer look at how design and innovation are changing the bed as we’ve always known it.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." – Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

Wiser words have never been spoken, at least when it comes to bedroom technology. When we look back at how our ancestors slept—on the ground, on haystacks, on raised platforms, with nary a bedsheet in sight —Jobs’ focus on working design really hits home.

Think about it: If the average person gets 8 hours of sleep a night, that amounts to 26 years of their life spent sleeping. It’s also estimated that we spend seven years trying to fall asleep. That’s a whopping 36 years spent in bed! With just those numbers alone, it’s clear why choosing the right bed is so important.

But what if we went beyond choosing a bed that was comfortable and instead chose one that suited our personality or helped create the perfect dreamscape? Let’s have a look at some unusual, quirky designs that go beyond a bed in design and function.

The Stand-Up Bed

Lying down is the standard way of sleeping. But if you had the option to stand and sleep, would you?

This stand-up bed makes it not only possible but also comfortable. It adjusts so that sleepers can relax and fall asleep at the incline of their choice—from 90 degrees sitting up to 180 degrees lying flat and everywhere in between.

This design isn’t just quirky. It’s actually savvy for elderly individuals and others who might have a hard time physically getting out of bed each day. The adjustable incline can bring them to a comfortable position and allow them to step out of bed and into their day. Bedmaker Ionian manufactures each bed according to the customer to ensure the best fit.

The Hanging Bed

Your trip to dreamland should feel as effortless as floating on a cloud, and a hanging bed brings you one step closer. Rather than be supported by an on-ground bed frame, a hanging bed is suspended from the ceiling. Some are enclosed for added privacy and look like small pods or cocoons. Others look more akin to a standard bed without the lower support. Some might even swing a little, rocking you to sleep each night. Start and end every day feeling like you’re floating in space.

The Private Cloud Rocking Bed

Perfect for a bedroom or even a home office or reading nook, a rocking bed is part bed, part rocking chair. Curved supports on the bottom create a gentle rocking motion. Many rocking beds are also covered by a canopy, making them feel cosy and private.

The Wall to Wall Bed

If you have a big family, lots of pets, or simply like lots of space while you sleep, this funky wall to wall bed was made for you. This one might require some customisation and creativity on your part. The mattresses are made to span from one wall to the opposite wall. It’s the ideal setup for nursing mums or families with small children who aren’t ready for sleep independence.

The Nap Pod

A midday nap can do wonders for our energy and productivity. If you want to squeeze in a short sleep session, try a nap pod instead of your regular bed. Nap pods are designed to block out light and sound, allowing you to sleep peacefully and wake up feeling alert and refreshed. Their contoured design places the user in a zero-gravity position, taking pressure off the body. They’re pre-programmed in 20-minute nap increments. When it’s time to wake, a gentle vibration and soft lighting bring you out of sleep and back into the real world.

Innovation Beyond the Bed

Echoing Steve Jobs once again, design and innovation aren’t just about how things look but also how they work and feel. That’s why bedsmade is innovating sleep beyond the basic bed. Our bedsmade bed sheets’ innovative design features tailored hospital corners with a unique pocket at the end of the bed that stays put all night long. These pockets are customised for varying mattress depths so you can get a perfect fit no matter your bed size.

What’s more, our design streamlines the entire process of making your bed each morning. Sheets that stay in place help shorten the time it takes you to make a neat, tidy bed that’s ready for the next night’s rest. Discover more about our bed sheet technology and start dreaming of better sleep!