Holiday at Home

by Kath O'Malley
April 11, 2023

If the idea of summer holiday fun is calling your name, rest assured you don’t have to go far. A staycation can be just as pleasurable, plus it’s a lot easier to pack for. Enjoy time spent with family, mandatory afternoon naps, and all your favourite movies, foods, and activities that bring you joy. It’s time to treat yourself! Here are some of bedsmade's ways you can enjoy downtime and host an entire holiday at home.

Cook a Gourmet Buffet Breakfast

Create a dream brekkie that leaves nothing off the table. Want mimosas in the morning? Make it happen! Craving fresh fruit and desserts? It’s your staycation! Get the whole family involved in preparing a breakfast that makes skipping lunch worthwhile. Take your time and indulge in all your favourite treats. There’s no reason to rush off to work or school, giving you more time to savour your handiwork. Turn it up a notch by taking your breakfast outside. By the time you’re done, the sun will be up and shining bright, and you’ll want to lounge in its glow all day.

Play Outside

The little things in life create the best memories. Hang an old tire from a rope and swing the afternoon away. Find a couple of trees to string a hammock between and take an afternoon snooze in the sunlight. Go on a scavenger hunt, explore a new trail, play hide-and-seek, and make chalk art in the driveway. Your entire yard is your staycation play zone.

Have Happy Hour at Home

Forget about the crowded bar scene. With just a few basics, you can create your own happy hour at home at a fraction of the price. Set up a drinks station with your favourite flavours. Experiment with different mixing methods and garnishes. Even better, make it a “virgin happy hour” so the kids can have fun, too. Let them make their own blends of fruit juices, sodas, and other mix-ins to craft something special. It will make their holiday at home more memorable.

Dine Alfresco with All Your Favourite Foodie Delights

Eating outside during the warmer months is a summer holiday fun tradition that will never go out of style. All you really need is a great meal, a blanket, and plenty of helpers. Prepare your family’s favourite foods, or better yet, order takeout and have your food delivered! Less time in the kitchen means more time spent with family.

Alfresco dining is best enjoyed when you have nowhere else to be. Savour every moment—and every bite!—under the stars or the setting sun. Add candles to make your meal feel cosier. Treat yourself to a bottle of your favourite wine and get sparkling juice for the kiddos. If you have the means, buy or rent an inflatable screen and turn your alfresco dinner into dinner and a movie!

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Every bathroom has spa potential, no matter the size. The key to creating a relaxing experience is to tantalise all the senses, not just your eyes. Some essential oils in the bath and in a diffuser can invigorate the room with calming scents. Add rose petals to the water for visual appeal. Light some candles for a warming effect. Turn the hot water on full blast to create steam that opens your pores and rejuvenates your skin. And don’t forget to turn on your favourite music that can whisk you out of the moment. Hang a Do Not Disturb sign on your door, put on an eye mask, and let your senses carry you away.

Wrap Up in Luxury Hotel Bed Sheets

A holiday at home will feel more like a real holiday when you craft a luxury hotel experience. There’s something about crawling into a clean, expertly made bed that makes sleep even more divine. You can recreate a similar experience at home simply by trading your bed sheets for ones that feel like luxury hotel fabrics.

Tailored bed sheets by bedsmade check all the boxes when it comes to a luxury hotel experience. They’re pristine white, buttery soft, and make it easy to make your bed in the morning so you can enjoy it all over again later that night. Make your bed in the morning and feel ready to drift off to dreamland after a day filled with fun, relaxation, and memories to last a lifetime.

Bedsmade sheets will give you that holiday hotel feeling while you’re sleeping. Explore our collection today!