How to Clean, Fold, and Store your Bed Linen

by Sophia O'Connor
November 1, 2022

Does your bed spark joy? Tidying expert Marie Kondo believes that the things in your environment should make you happy, and for many, there’s no warmer or fuzzier feeling than being in a clean, comfy bed.

Her methodology for cultivating a neater, tidier life has been heard around the world thanks to her hit Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and her numerous bestsellers that help others declutter their lives to find tranquility in their own space. People are drawn to her philosophy not only because it’s effective but also because it places a huge emphasis on being mindful, introspective, and forward-looking when bringing new items into your home and caring for the items you already own.

One item that’s worth the Marie Kondo touch: your bed linen. We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping. Our bed is our sanctuary, the place where we go to recharge and rejuvenate for a brand new day. And by all means, mindfulness is important when it comes to creating a bed that not only feels cozy but also brings you joy.

Here’s Marie Kondo’s approach on how to clean, fold, and store your bed linen until you need it for a great night’s sleep.

How to Clean Your Bed Linen

A clean bed is a happy bed, and there’s a right way to clean your bed linens. It’s not just a matter of tossing them into the wash with a little detergent. Sheets should be washed on a delicate cycle in cold water to avoid degrading the fibres over time. Moreover, using hot water can cause your sheets to shrink!

You’ll also want to use a fraction of the detergent you’d normally use for a full load. Too much detergent can create buildup on your sheets and take away from their soft, comfy feel. It’s a good idea to skip the fabric softener, too, as it can reduce the sheets’ absorbency over time.

As a general rule, you’ll want to wash your sheets about once a week. If you sleep in pyjamas or don’t tend to sweat much while you sleep, you may be able to go two weeks in between washes. Sheets can get dirty just like clothing, so it’s important to wash them regularly to eliminate odours, dust mites, and germs.

The Right Way to Fold Bedding

We all dread folding the fitted sheet—most of us can never make it look as smooth and clean as it did when it came out of the packaging. But there’s no arguing that sheets are more easily stored when they’re folded into a neat, tidy bundle that would make Marie Kondo proud.

To create your perfect bedding bundle, grab all the pieces you consider to be part of the matching set. This usually includes two sheets, duvet, and any matching pillowcases. You’ll also want a large, flat surface to support your master folding efforts.

Once you have your neatly folded sheets, spread out a pillowcase on your surface, then fold in half. Then, fold your sheets in half as well so that they fit within the fold of the pillowcase. If you have a duvet, fold it so that it also fits in the footprint of the pillowcase. The goal is to have every piece stacked neatly on top of the pillowcase, then move the stack to the side. Open up your pillowcase and slip your stack of linens inside.

Voila! You have the perfect bedding bundle with every piece of bedding in one place.

Storing Your Bed Linen

Storing your bed linen can be tricky, especially if it’s seasonal and you won’t be using it for a while. Stored linens may have a musty smell when you finally take them out of the closet to use.

To store bed linen properly, you’ll want to first clean it and let it dry completely to avoid discolouration, mould, and other issues. For seasonal items, it’s a good idea to vacuum seal your bedding to prevent pests from using it as a new home.

We recommend skipping the stinky mothballs and instead opting for cedar planks. They repel bugs without the need to worry about allergens.

How Bedsmade Simplifies Making Your Bed

Cleaning, folding, and organising your bed linens can set a strong foundation for making the perfect bed. When you have clean bedding that’s been properly stored and don’t have to spend time searching for a missing sheet or pillowcase, you can get right to business when making a bed you’ll want to fall into after a long day.

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