Luxury Hotel Bed at Home

by Isabella McKenzie
November 23, 2022

Have you ever stayed in a hotel suite so luxurious you wished you could take the bed home with you as a souvenir? It’s becoming more common for hotels, even those that don’t boast five-star ratings, to focus more on guest comfort. This includes dressing each bed in luxury linens in hopes you’ll be dreaming sweet dreams about your hotel experience.

Your sleep seems better, and the beautiful aesthetic of a luxury-looking bed invokes a feeling of well-being. Naturally, you’ll want to recreate that experience at home.

Follow these practical tips to create a luxury hotel bed that will make every night feel like you’re on holiday.

Opt for an All-White Colour Palette

You’ll notice that white is the quintessential colour when it comes to luxury hotel bedding. There are many practical reasons for this, including the clean look and feel that white offers. But looking at white through a lens of luxury, falling into a freshly made bed feels more akin to snuggling up to a cloud when the sheets are white. Once you’re settled on your cloud, it can whisk you away to dreamland!


Luxury linens are made from high-end fabrics, like organic cotton. There are a lot of benefits to using organic cotton aside from the way they feel against your skin. For starters, organic cotton is highly breathable, which may help you maintain an ideal body temperature at night.

It’s also an all-natural fibre. Organic cotton’s softness and texture are byproducts of how it’s woven. It’s an eco-friendly, sustainable option that contributes to a better sleeping experience.

And as an added bonus, organic cotton sheets are highly durable and easy to clean and care for. This is one reason why they’re such a common pick for hotels, as hotels need to avoid having to replace their sheets every few months. This ensures your investment will last much longer than your average bedsheet.


Thread count refers to the measurement of how many threads are in 10 cm2 of fabric. This measurement combines warp and weft numbers, so 200 cm warp by 200 cm equals a thread count of 400.

Make no mistake; higher doesn’t always mean more luxurious. This is where buying bed sheets can be a little tricky.

Many people erroneously assume that a higher thread count means a softer fabric. But ideally, you should aim for a thread count of around 400. This is the equivalent of what most luxury hotels use in their bedding. It offers enough softness and buttery texture while also supporting breathability.


When you were a kid learning how to make your bed, your mum probably showed you the difference between a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. The fitted sheet has uniquely sewn corners that “hug” the corners of your mattress.

However, what mum might not have mentioned is that not all sheet sets are created equal. Finding sheets that fit snugly on your bed can make for a comfy, cosy night’s sleep, and even make it easier to make your bed in the morning.

Opt for sheets that will work for a range of mattress depths. This allows for a super-close fit no matter the size of your mattress, almost like your sheets were specially made for your bed. Once you have a secure base layer, you can add your top flat sheet and tuck the sides and foot of the bed as normal. A perfect sheet fit effortlessly recreates the luxury hotel experience.


While you’re not responsible for making your bed when you stay at a hotel, you may find that a freshly made bed is an important part of your nighttime experience.

When you first walk into a new hotel room, you’ll notice that each bed has been perfectly made and ready for you to fall into. With no worries and no work, all you need to do is slide under the clean sheets and enjoy a great night’s sleep.

You deserve this same experience in your own home, too.

That’s why making your bed in the morning can be such a therapeutic activity. It sets you up for evening success and gives you one less thing to worry about after a long day.

If you are looking for luxurious quality bed sheets, bedsmade is the answer to creating that five-star hotel bed. Bedsmade bedsheets are purposefully designed to simplify the way you make the bed. Every night’s sleep can be your best one yet!