Size Does Matter: Choosing a Mattress That’s Right for You

by Oliver Lee
December 16, 2022

Picture it: a luscious Super King mattress in your bedroom with hotel-quality sheets that feels like it was tailor-made for you. It’s the perfect vessel to whisk you away to dreamland. But is bigger always better when it comes to mattress size? The simple answer: not necessarily!

If you want your bedroom to serve as a refuge from daily stress, one piece of furniture is more important than the rest: the bed. You need a bed that serves you in the way it was intended, and size plays an important role. Here’s a closer look at the different bed sizes and how you can choose the right one (not necessarily the biggest one!) for total body comfort.

Mattress Sizes Explained

Mattresses come in many standard sizes, which makes finding perfectly fitting sheets a breeze. Here’s a breakdown of your options:


190 cm x 91.5 cm

Single XL

203 cm x 91.5 cm

King Single

203 cm x 105.5 cm


190 cm x 138.5 cm


203 cm x 152.5 cm


203 cm x 183.5 cm

Super King (California King)

203 cm x 203 cm

These sizes are fairly consistent across all mattress manufacturers. When you see XL, for example, it refers to “extra long” rather than “extra large.” These are ideal for taller individuals who need more vertical space.

What’s more, each of these mattress sizes can come in varying depths. The thickness of a mattress affects how the mattress feels when you sleep. Mattress thickness comes in the following standard ranges:

Low profile (5-13 cm)
Slim (13-20 cm)
Standard (20-30 cm)
Deep, tall, or thick (30-40 cm)
Extra deep, extra tall, or extra thick (40+ cm)
Things like body weight, mattress height preferences, sleeping positions, and health will affect how your mattress feels. For example, a person weighing less than 100 kg should feel comfortable on a standard mattress, while someone weighing 125 kg might feel better on a deep, tall, or thick mattress. Also, side sleepers might find a thicker mattress to be more accommodating to their sleep style.

One of the advantages of using bedsmade bed sheets is that they come in different sizes with regards to mattress depth. This ensures the tailored sheet fits more snugly according to the depth, allowing you to create a perfectly made bed.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Size

Comfort is part of choosing a mattress, but it doesn’t end there. If you want to find the best fit for your bed, body, and bedroom, take the following into consideration:

Size of Your Bedroom

Why choose a mattress if it doesn’t fit in your bedroom? While it’s advisable to only use your bedroom for sleeping, you still need enough space to move around and house your other bedroom furniture and belongings.

Good sleep hygiene extends to your entire sleeping area. Bedroom feng shui best practices tell us that we need a clean, clutter-free space for the best night’s sleep. When choosing a mattress size, make sure you have a good balance of empty space. At the very least, you should have enough space on either side of the bed to easily make your bed each morning so that it’s ready to welcome you every night.

Your Sleep Style

Do you like to sleep curled up on your side? Or are you more of a stomach sleeper? Does your partner like to spread out like a starfish?

Our physical size standing up can vary drastically compared to lying down. If you take up more space while you sleep, then your mattress should be big enough to accommodate this. A Queen can give a solo sleeper more space, while a King might be more ideal for a couple that needs more breathing room. However, some couples can easily get by with a Queen and still feel comfortable all night long.

Physical Requirements

Got hip or back pain? Use a mobility aid to get in and out of bed? These things can impact your mattress size and thickness. For example, a thinner mattress might make it easier to get out of bed because you’re closer to the floor. A thicker mattress can help reduce pressure points on the body and relieve back or hip pain.

If you’re not sure about mattress thickness, you can always opt for a thinner mattress and then add a cushiony topper later.

Next Steps: Choosing the Right Bedding to Complement Your Mattress

Once you find the perfect mattress that was made for you, it’s time to dress it up with the right bed sheets, pillows, and blankets.

A good night’s sleep starts with the right bed and bedding that are as inviting as a warm embrace. Sheets are the undergarments of the bed: you won’t see much of them when the bed is fully dressed, but they have a noticeable effect on comfort because they’re in direct contact with your skin.

Discover how bedsmade is transforming bed sheets for a better night’s sleep.