Sleep Sense - The Recipe for a Perfect Night’s Sleep

by Amelia Brooks
February 13, 2023

Have you ever felt lulled by soft music? A little sleepy in a room filled with lavender? Heavy-eyed once the sun disappears? These feelings aren’t a coincidence. Rather, they happen because sleep is a sensory experience.

How Our Senses Affect Our Sleep

The five senses—sight, taste, smell, touch, and sound—share direct connections to the brain. When we experience certain sensory cues, these cues tell our brain it’s time to unwind, relax, and prepare for sleep.

For example, when sunlight starts to wane, it signals to our brain that night is almost here and that it will soon be time to sleep. In response, our body temperature starts to drop, heart rates slow, and our brains start producing more melatonin. That’s why scientists advise us to limit the amount of light we’re exposed to in the hours leading up to bedtime, as light impedes melatonin production.

Similar events occur with our other senses. Scents like lavender and chamomile don’t just smell nice; they also have calming effects on the brain and body, helping to lower stress levels, decrease blood pressure and heart rate, and allow our bodies to relax. Music can produce a similar effect—loud, fast-paced music might increase the heart rate and stimulate the mind, both of which can make it harder to sleep. On the flip side, soft, slow music makes it easy to unwind and bring our bodies to a state of relaxation.

Our skin can sense when it’s too hot, too cold, or just right. When we’re comfortable, we’re better able to fall asleep. And even the foods we eat can either stimulate us or prime us for a great night’s sleep.

The Recipe for a Perfect Night's Sleep

Our senses connect us to our surroundings. Being aware of each sense can help you connect to yourself and your environment so you get the most out of your experience. And being conscious of how your senses affect your sleep can help you take the right steps the night before a productive day ahead. Here’s our perfect recipe that will transform every night into a luxury sleep experience that will set you up for an awesome day.


We recommend starting every night—and every day—with a clean slate. A clean and tidy room is a calm and tidy mind. Treating your bedroom like a sleep sanctuary helps you find inner peace by looking at outward calmness and organisation. Consider adding soothing decor to your bedroom that will give you instant tranquility when you see it.


The sound of your bedroom can help you feel ready to take on the night (in your dreams, that is). Soft, enjoyable music will help lower your heart rate, help you find your balance, and bring you down from the high of the day. It also promotes restful sleep, allowing you to tune out your thoughts and focus on restoration.


How you feel while in bed has a lot to do with your sleep quality, too! The soft, silky touch of our luxury bedsmade bed sheets is the next best thing to sleeping on a cloud. Feel snuggled and safe in sheets that fit like they were made for your bed. And the breathable organic fabric keeps you cool to help you sleep soundly.


Following a sleep diet is a great complement to your bedtime routine, ensuring your body is well hydrated and nourished without overstimulation. Eating foods that are naturally rich in melatonin (like almonds) can signal your brain that it’s time to sleep. Other foods, like bananas and salmon, promote serotonin production to help you feel good before bed, fill you up with vitamins and nutrients, and help you relax.


This brings us right back to essential oils for sleep. Filling your rooms with yawn-inducing aromas plays directly to your memory and emotions. Certain oils are known for their soothing properties, which is why they’re so popular in spas and bath products. When you need to let go of the day’s stresses and get your best night’s sleep, essential oil fragrances can put peace in your heart and a smile on your face.

We recommended chamomile, ylang ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, and clary sage, but there are bountiful options in a range of fragrances to choose from. Enjoy experimenting with different oils and blends to find your signature sleep scent!

Essential oils, a tidy room, the sleep diet, soft music, and bedsmade sheets—it’s the best recipe for the perfect night's sleep that will set you up for a great day ahead.