Textile Therapy for a Perfect Night’s Sleep: Organic Sateen Sheets

by Isabella McKenzie
March 7, 2023

It’s an often-quoted truth: We spend about a third of our lives sleeping (or trying to). So it makes sense to invest in quality bedding. And in a market flooded with bedding options, sateen sheets stand out as one of the comfiest, durable, and eco-friendly options.

For the uninitiated, sateen is a type of cotton made from long fibres. Unlike traditional cotton, sateen fibres are soaked in lye in a process known as mercerisation, which makes the material smoother, shiner, and more durable. Sateen is also woven in a satin weave, or one yarn under, three yarn over (compared to the one-over, one-under structure of standard weaves).

With a reputation for sustainability, organic cotton is a true eco-friendly fibre. To truly understand its amazingness, you have to sleep on a set yourself. But if you’ve never had the luxury of a lustrous, organic cotton set of sheets, here are five benefits of these luxurious bed linens to help you envision it: Organic bedding just feels incredible.

Lacking harsh chemicals from the chemical processing of non-organic products, organic cotton sateen has a crisp, soft, and buttery smooth feel. Naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, organic sateen keeps you cool and dry all night long.

Organic Sateen Keeps Your Skin Hydrated.

Unlike abrasive materials like standard-weave cotton and wool, sateen doesn’t absorb moisture from your skin. Instead of leaving your skin dry and dull, sateen sheets keep your skin hydrated. For sleepers who have dry skin or live in dry climates, this translates to waking up with less tight, dry skin.

Organice Sateen Helps Prevent Wrinkles.

As a smooth textile, sateen reportedly limits the amount of friction your skin is exposed to during sleep. A material that pulls less on the skin helps prevent morning wrinkles from becoming life-long wrinkles. Because they’re less absorbent, sateen sheets also suck up less lotion and skincare products, allowing them to work harder for you.

Organic Sateen Cotton Sheets are Durable.

The long filament fibers make sateen more durable than your typical plain-weave fabric. And because organic cotton is biodegradable, they are kinder to Mother Earth than man-made sheets when it does come time to purchase a new pair.

Sateen Sheets are Hypoallergenic.

Porous and breathable, sateen sheets are naturally resistant to mildew, mold, and other fungi—which tend to grow in warm, moist environments. Sateen’s porous nature keeps it from trapping dust, halting the growth of dust mites and parasites. Inhibiting the growth of these allergens helps prevent sniffing, sneezing, and other allergic reactions. For those with allergies, sateen sheets can be the difference between a rocky night's sleep and blissful slumber.

What about Thread Count?

For too long, a high thread count was touted as a sign of softer, superior-quality bedding. Thread count is a measure of horizontal and vertical threads, with most sheets having a maximum thread count of 400. For the most part, thread counts are overinflated—a higher count does not necessarily translate to softer sheets. Fibre and weave are far more important qualities to look for.

As a rule of thumb, the longer the fibre, the better the quality of yarn and fabric. Longer fibres are lighter-weight and thereby more breathable and cool to sleep on.

Weave, on the other hand, impacts the feel of the sheet against the skin. For example, sateen uses a one under, three over structure that creates a soft feel and luscious sheen.

Crafted from organic cotton with a sateen weave and a 400 thread count, bedsmade sheets are everything you want from a luxury bed sheet. Beyond their smooth, crisp feel and durability, bedsmade sheets are custom-designed to fit the unique depth of your mattress and tailored with hospital corners to ensure the sheets remain anchored all night long. In addition to a fitted bottom sheet and tailored top sheet, bedsmade sets include two deep-fold pillowcases. Bedsmade luxury tailored sheets help you create the comfort you need to rest and relax as part of your bed routine.