Get the Best Out of Lockdown

by Kath O'Malley
September 7, 2021

There’s nothing like achieving a few small feats in the morning to get you moving. Small wins can set the tone for the rest of your day, so why not start as early as possible? When you jump-start each day with something that makes you proud, you instantly feel a sense of achievement. Those feelings can carry you forward, creating a “snowball” of success as you tick off items from your to-do list.

As many citizens in Australia re-enter lockdown due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to maintain our sense of well-being and get the most out of every day. Let’s break down some simple things you can do every day so you can be your best self and have a great day, every day.

Make Your Bed

One of the easiest small wins you can achieve in the morning is to make your bed. Experts suggest that making your bed in the morning can make you more productive throughout your day. The idea is that accomplishing a task early in your day, even a small one like straightening your sheets, pillows, and doona, will encourage you to do more tasks. By the end of the day, that one simple task will have multiplied into many.

And whether you work long hours, take care of your children, or face challenges throughout your day, the thought of coming home to a made-up bed can be refreshing and comforting. It’s waiting and ready for you to sink into and whisk you away to a night filled with dreams.

Wake Up with Your Alarm

The time to wake up often seems to come too soon. We might not feel ready to wake up immediately when we hear our alarm. But it’s actually the better alternative to going back to sleep.

Once you wake, even if you’re still feeling a little dreamy, getting up will help your body maintain its natural clock, improve your mood, and help with your sleep health. If you need an extra little boost to get out of bed, try placing your phone or alarm clock on the other side of the room. You’ll have to get out of bed to turn it off, and then you’ll already be moving!

Plan for Your Day the Night Before

There’s a common saying that goes like this: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. A little planning can go a long way in helping us feel prepared, confident, and collected.

Take a few minutes each night to plan for the next day. For example, if you have several phone calls to make, make a list of each one so none fall through the cracks. Or, if you’re taking a day off during lockdown to catch up on housework, a list of things to do can help you stay focused and on task. You might even finish in record time!

Give Yourself Positive Affirmations

Lockdowns in Australia may physically separate us from our loved ones. We might not hear from our favourite people each day. That’s why it’s more important than ever to remember to speak kindly to ourselves.

We can become champions for ourselves by repeating positive affirmations. Think of it like the repetitive motions we do when we exercise. This helps us train our bodies and make us stronger. Positive affirmations work in the same way, except we’re training our brains to think positively. Repeat them often, and your brain will remember them. In turn, this can cause you to think and act positively even when you’re silent.

Move Around

Every time you exercise, your body creates endorphins—the feel-good hormones that can help you feel positive and energised. The morning is an excellent time to run before the day gets too hot. If running isn’t your favourite, you can trade it for any type of movement: yoga, weight-lifting, or even some simple stretching.

Use your workout time to practice gratitude and get mentally focused for the day ahead. Or, listen to a podcast to learn something new and get inspired. You don’t need any gym equipment or skill to move your body!

Start Every Day on a High Note with Bedsmade

Even during lockdown, every day has the potential to be a great one when you wake up with the right mindset. When you get a great night’s sleep, that mindset comes more naturally. Bedsmade sheets will get your morning moving in the right direction. Make your bed—make your day!