Mindset Benefits of Making Your Bed

by Matt Griffin
January 11, 2023

“Change your mindset, change your life.” This is what author Garrain Jones shares in his book of the same name, showing the power of positive thinking and how your thoughts can influence your daily life. Working backward from this idea, one small but mighty thing we can all do to start changing our mindset starts in the morning: making the bed.

At bedsmade, we’re about more than just bedsheets. Bedsmade is a mindset. We designed our sheets to inspire you and allow you to get ready for the day ahead with one less thing slowing you down. We see making the bed each morning as more than just a task—it’s an ideal, as there are many benefits of making your bed that you might not realise.

In a recent blog post, we shared why you should start every morning by making your bed. Let’s take it a step further by unpacking the mental health benefits that come with it.

Start Every Day with Positive Thinking

Beds don’t make themselves. Whether it’s dressing every corner of your bed or simply smoothing the sheets back into place, making the bed takes some amount of energy and movement. That’s why we recommend starting every day this way.

The simple act of making your bed sets you up for the rest of your day. You’re immediately constructive and productive, allowing you to feel accomplished just minutes after you wake up. It might seem like a small achievement, but it’s an achievement nonetheless. Plus, one good habit often leads to another, giving you some momentum to keep powering through.

Katie Ziskind, a licenced marriage and family therapist based in Connecticut (USA), echoes this idea, stating that making your bed allows you to think more clearly, feel calm, and get organised.

“Our living space is a reflection of our mental states. A bed that is made signifies mental clarity and leadership,” Ziskind tells Elite Daily. “The mind likes routines. Making your bed is a morning ritual that cleanses your mind of your night. It provides closure from the prior evening… and allows for a new beginning and your positive day ahead.”

A Tidy House Creates a Tidy Mind

The appearance of a room can have a direct impact on how you think and feel. For instance, when you enter a room with busy wallpaper patterns and lots of different colours and textures, your brain might not know what to process first. You might feel like your attention is pulled in different directions. But when a room is neat and tidy, your mind can better focus.

Reducing clutter is a great way to ease your mind. In fact, one study found that the majority of people agree that keeping their home tidy helps improve their overall mood and feel more relaxed.

We can apply this same idea to morning bedmaking. By straightening the sheets and making your bed look neat and inviting, we’re also organising our minds, thoughts, and feelings.

Feel Satisfied After a Hard Day’s Work

When you work hard and play hard, there’s nothing better than coming home to a comfy, cosy bed. And when your bed is neat and ready for you to climb in after a long day—even better!

Besides feeling like a total body hug, the visual appeal of a well-made bed triggers feelings of sleepiness and slumber in our minds. Just as a blank canvas speaks directly to an artist and conjures their creativity, so does the appeal of a perfectly made bed to the tired soul. Instead of facing crumpled sheets and twisted doonas, a crisp, clean bed feels like a sanctuary.

And once the bed is made, there’s nothing left for us to do but slip between the sheets and drift off to dreamland.

When we’re tired, the last thing we need is more demands from the day, least of all from our bed.

Embrace the Bedsmade Philosophy!

Mindset is everything. It allows us to build confidence, stay calm under stress, and make decisions that will guide us forward. And since one good decision often leads to another, we recommend starting with making your bed.

Our philosophy here at bedsmade is that everyone deserves the best night’s sleep every single night. That’s why we developed our luxury bedsheets that make bedmaking a breeze. With unique tailored corners made to fit a variety of different mattress depths, our sheets stay put throughout the night for faster and easier bedmaking in the morning.

Discover the benefits of a well-made bed with bedsmade—make your bed, change your mindset!