The Essentials of Good Sleep

by Isabella McKenzie
January 30, 2023

Sleep is almost as essential as oxygen. It allows us to recharge our minds, restore our energy, and unwind the tangle of thoughts we’ve collected throughout our waking hours. It’s also a time when our bodies can heal themselves because the resources we’d have otherwise used for energy, movement, and work go towards restoration.

Good sleep sounds like a dream come true, so how can you turn it into your own reality?

The Foundation for a Great Night's Sleep

Maybe you’ve heard that your room temperature should be a perfect 18.3℃ for sleep. Or maybe you’ve heard health gurus talk about herbal teas, warm milk, or other foods to help you feel cosy and sleepy. Or perhaps you’ve Googled ways to get a better night’s sleep and found things like reducing blue light, decluttering your room, or piping aromatherapy through the air can whisk you away to dreamland.

These are all great things that may be game-changing for your sleep. But we think it’s best to go back to the basics and start building a strong sleep foundation, starting with preparing your mind for rest. It’s essential to switch off for the day and spend some time relaxing. After that, all you really need is a comfortable mattress, supportive pillows, and soft linens to embrace you through the night.

Why We Should Follow the Luxury Hotel Exeperience

In the words of Bobby Berk, “Nothing makes you feel better than when you get into a hotel bed. The sheets feel so good. Why shouldn’t you wake up like that every day? Spend money on your mattress and bedding because these things make a difference in your sleep and, ultimately, your happiness.”

What is it about a hotel bed that makes sleep feel so luxurious?

Maybe it’s the fact that someone made the bed for you, fulfilling an unwanted chore and saving you time. It’s ready for you to climb right in and snuggle down. That’s enough to put a smile on any face!

But it also has to do with the way high-end hotels prioritise comfort. For many, a hotel is simply a place to rest the head while taking care of life. Luxury hotels know that the most time you will probably spend in the room is when you’re asleep, so the bed sets the stage for the bulk of your experience. A lush bed lends to a great night’s sleep, and that’s something most guests don’t easily forget.

Here’s the plot twist: Hotels aren’t spending thousands of dollars on high-end mattresses to create their ultra-soft beds. The secret sauce is in the linens, which are usually made from soft, premium materials. It’s much more affordable to spend more on high-quality linens than to upgrade the most expensive part of the bed.

Hotel linens tend to be of top-quality fabrics, such as organic cotton. They’re breathable and soft, usually in the 300-400 thread count range. The silky feel makes it easy to relax. And with no bunching, wrinkling, or untucking, your bedding stays in place all night and continues to snuggle against your skin.

This leads to another essential point: The inviting appearance of the bed itself. A neat, tidy, comfortable-looking bed sets high expectations for what your night’s sleep will feel like. Making your bed neat and tidy each day is like doing yourself a favour that you’ll appreciate when it’s time to snooze. Your bed also gives you a visual cue that it’s time for our minds and bodies to rest. Linens are the first thing you see, and you can usually tell you’re in for a real treat!

Create Luxury Hotel Comfort at Home with Bedsmade

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Start every night with the expectation that you’re about to get a great night’s sleep. Bedsmade sheets really do make a difference. Learn more about the world’s first tailored bed sheet and invite hotel luxury into your home!