Take Your Bed Making to the Next Level of Luxury

by Isabella McKenzie
March 27, 2023

"The state of your bed is the state of your head," shares Gretchen Rubin, NY times bestseller author on happiness. At bedsmade, we know this to be true! A well-made bed feels like the ultimate symbol of luxury. It’s ready to help you drift into a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next day.

We all love the experience of a luxury hotel bed on holidays, and you can easily recreate that feeling in your bedroom.

There are many benefits of making your bed. It’s ready for you when you need it most, it looks clean and inviting, and it can help put you in a better mood and mindset. But the one benefit that stands out by far is that the overall look of a well-made bed invites you into a luxurious hug.

Creating a luxury hotel bed every day may sound daunting, which is why we’re breaking it down. Here are some simple tips for creating a hotel-like bed at home with effortless simplicity.

1. Air Out Your Bed

Airing out your bed each day helps keep your sheets and mattress smelling and feeling fresh. It’s very easy to do, too. Just throw open the covers, open a window or turn on a fan, and let your bed “breathe” for 30 minutes. You can let the bed air out while you’re getting ready in the morning, which makes it easy to work this little step into your morning routine.

2. Refresh Your Bedding

White sheets are the ultimate choice for interior decorators and hotels. They create a blank canvas to style from. Plus, they look so clean, crisp, and refreshing.

After a night of deep sleep, you can restore your sheets to a beautiful, sleek appearance within minutes. We suggest using a spray mixture of vodka and water to eliminate wrinkles and create a smooth surface. A little spritz is all you need, then smooth the sheets with your hand and leave your bed to air out.

The right sheets can make this process even easier. Premium quality bedsheets made with superior craftsmanship are less prone to wrinkling and will keep looking great night after night. Better sheets will also more snugly fit your bed, allowing them to stay in place even if you’re moving about through the night.

3. Add a Valance

Sometimes called a bed skirt, a valance completes the visual appeal of your luxury bed. It’s like the tie on a suit, the pearls against the little black dress, or the veil on a bridal gown. It’s the quintessential piece that makes your bed look put together and complete.

This luxury piece of bedding will make your own bed look all the more like your favourite hotel beds. Plus, it’s a great little tool for hiding any clutter that might be peeking out from underneath! Keep your suitcases, cords, or anything else under your bed out of sight so you can feel cool, calm, and collected at bedtime.

4. Opt for Tailored "Hospital Corners"

Fitted sheets aren’t always so “fitted.” It’s better to master the art of folded hospital corners using a flat sheet. Hospital corners use an overlapping fold that stays in place and won’t come untucked. Instead of having to adjust your sheets each day, you can quickly make your bed in the morning and skip this step.

To make hospital corners, use a flat sheet that tucks completely under the mattress. At each corner, fold the sheet into a triangle and tuck the ends under the mattress. Bedsmade bed sheets make this process faster by using pre-sewn corners that you don’t need to manually tuck and fold.

5. Decorate with Throws and Pillows

The right textures and fabrics can make your bed look all the more warm and cosy. A simple throw blanket and some decorative pillows will do the trick.

To recreate the luxury hotel look and feel, stand your pillows up against the headboard instead of laying them flat. Drape a blanket across the bed so that you can cosy up for an afternoon break without messing up your luxury bed.

Create a Luxury Sleep Experience with Bedsmade

Success begins in the morning, and mornings start with making your bed. Having a beautiful bed will help you feel on top of the world in your own home. Who needs a hotel when every day can feel like a five-star vacation? Buy bedsmade bed sheet sets for the ultimate luxury experience!